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Where Have We Been?
Rapids Theatre, Niagara Falls, NY


​On February 17, 2018, Paranormal Sixx was invited to join forces with Paranormal Crossroads Live (PCL) to investigate a local icon, Rapids Theatre situated in Niagara Falls, NY. PCL is lead by Joe Pieri whose team has years of experience and research invested in the paranormal field. Rapids Theatre was built in 1921was featured in 2011 on SyFy's Ghost Hunters and continues to provide the public with a venue for local events.

On this night, we were invited to experience this location for ourselves with our good friends from PCL.  Many personal experiences were documented by all. Some of the experiences members of Paranormal Sixx as early as the tour and continued throughout the investigation. As Joe Pieri, CEO and Founder of PCL and his team were introducing the location to us and showing us around, Darcy and Kris of Paranormal Sixx witnessed a lightbulb attempting to turn on. The switch to power the light was checked and confirmed in the OFF position. While upstairs, Darcy and Andrea immediately sensed a presence in the Green Room and other rooms on this floor. As if it was standing back, watching us as we explored the building. While investigating the old orchestra pit, Dave's equipment died twice after powering up with two new sets of batteries. Scott was touched on the back. Later in the evening, Scott of Parnormal Sixx and Brad Webber, nephew to the owner and who has also spent considerable time in the location, simutaneously witnessed a figure coming up the stairs from the old orchestra pit while they were investigating on stage. While in the "Mafia Room", Dave, Kris, Darcy and Andrea experienced a series of unexplained shadow figures and noises, one of which was as if someone was squeezing the plastic water bottle on a table in the room. Many more experiences were accounted by the PCL team. Be sure to check them out at  www.paranormalcrossroadslive.com.

Check out our Evidence page and YouTube channel for EVPs captured throughout the evening.

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