About Us

We are a group of paranormal investigators based in Western New York (Buffalo) USA who search to experience, document and share the existence of the paranormal. We investigate with passion and open minds. We study this realm with compassion and respect for both the living and the dead. We do this because we believe. There are connections all around us and we strive to complete that connection and share with you our findings.
We investigate nationally and internationally recognized locations as well as homes and other locale that there is a thought of activity or concern.
We use state of the art equipment and develop our own as well, along with our personal experiences in the field.
Paranormal Sixx does not deal with demonology or any level of an evil realm but we do not discount its existance. That is not our mission.
We strive to connect and communicate.

The Paranormal Sixx Team. Andrea and Darcy, Co-Founders. Investigators, Location Specialists / Photography. Kris and Dave, Co-Founders. Investigators, Equipment Specialists and Design..     Location: Based out of Buffalo, NY.

Andrea & Darcy

Kris & Dave